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But, if you are not sitting in a good position on the toilet this can prevent you from fully emptying your bowels or lead to straining and related problems. Your bowel works to absorb nutrients and water, the rest is passed through to be stored until you are ready to go. This is stored in your rectum by your anal spincter muscles. The pelvic floor muscles also helps to keep active control over storing your stools — until you get an urge to empty.

However if you squat, this helps open up your back passage, relax your pelvic floor and make emptying your bowel easy. Sitting on a toilet is the way most people empty their bladder or bowels. Straining or difficulty emptying your bowels is very common, with 1 in 5 adults affected. This can lead to many long term problems including: Constipation Pelvic pain Urinary infections Bladder leakage Pelvic organ prolapse Faecal incontinence Haemorrhoids Bleeding and pain.

Bowel control — how it works: Your bowel works to absorb nutrients and water, the rest is passed through to be stored until you are ready to go.

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Normally this is as a smooth, soft, formed stool type on Bristol Stool Chart. This picture shows why sitting position is so important when you are on the loo. Emptying your bowel — how it works: Normally you will feel an urge to empty your bowels — this is from the sensors in your rectum that notice this area is full.

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You go to the toilet to empty. Your pelvic floor and anal spincter muscles relax allowing your bowels to empty. This process should not require straining or pushing. So — what can you do about it? Good bowel habits! Adapt your sitting position to help your body — see the instructions below.

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Maybe print a copy off to have on the toilet door! Aim for 4 stools on the Bristol stool chart — soft and smooth, easy to pass. To help with this you can try to meet the recommended dietary goals for health eating, see this website for details. Aim for at least 1. Exercise at moderate intensity, 30min five times a week. Related Posts. Repetitive strain injury RSI. What is it and how can I help it? My child has flat feet. Will this change as they grow up?

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Women’s Health Physiotherapy Adelaide: How Should You Sit on the Toilet?