Skyrim life in prison

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So I got bored and decided to try my hand in escaping from every jail in the game using nothing but my wit and resourcefulness. The rules are that I have to escape the jail, get all of my belongings and leave the city without making all the guards hostile.

Here we go. Whiterun: I killed Nazeem and for some reason everyone got mad at me, I immediately submitted to the law and found myself in the Dragonsreach dungeon. I picked the novice lock on the floor grate and dropped down Skyrim life in prison the underground tunnel system where I found the chest holding my belongings through some kind of drain. Sadly my pick broke and I was forced to find another Skyrim life in prison to get that stuff.

I climbed up a ladder that led me into the guard barracks and pickpocketed some of the sleeping guards for a key, there was no key or even picks to be found. I killed one of the guards with a dagger I had due to it being a quest item and took his clothes, walking right past the other guards and out into the city to search for lockpicks.

I pickpocketed Brenuin for two picks and Carlotta for one and went back to the barracks where I got my stuff back and fled the city. Windhelm: Things really picked up with this one, as I entered the city I immediately murdered a citizen and went to jail. I woke up in a dark small space and used candlelight to search for a way out, nothing. I picked the cell door lock and snuck up on a guard with that dagger, I have the 15x damage with daggers perk so it took a couple swings until he went down and I took his stuff.

He had a key. Another guard was walking up some stairs so I swung at him and used the soul tear about to finish him off. He reanimated. Two guards saw my zombie guard and attacked him, I hid behind the doorway and they went right past me. The other 8 or so guards were either asleep or at the other end of the room.

I crept into the room and spotted my belongings chest, using the key to open it, I grabbed my good bow and arrows and killed the two guards fighting my zombie friend. Two guards were in the doorway at the other end of the room and I took them both out and escaped the room, shooting another guard at the bottom of the steps. I exited the prison into the palace of kings. Two guards posted at the door. I looked through my potions and found a potion of true shot, and took out the guards in two to three shots each. I snuck out of the palace and hid behind a braiser to avoid the guard outside, I took him out and escaped.

Winterhold: I punched a guard in the face with my bow and then shot him in the arm. Okay then. I shot the first atronach a few times with Auriels Bow and left, using my Dragonbone sword on the other three atronachs outside. Quite simple honestly. Dawstar: I arrived in Dawnstar and got down to commiting crime. I used fire breath on a guard. Killed a chicken. I finally murdered a drunk imperial guard and got thrown in prison. I picked the master lock and escaped my cell. There was another guard in the room with me, I snuck up behind him and got the chest key off of him and got all or so I thought of my belongings.

Where was my bow? No daedric arrows either. I grabbed my daedric battle axe and hacked him up before leaving the room. I found myself at the bottom of a staircase and slowly ascended them to get a look at the situation. One guard at a table. I shot him again and he went down. I snuck over to my left and ended up in that fenced in area next to the windpeak inn as I waited for another guard to pass by before I made a run for it.

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Morthal: Ah, the shitiest City in Skyrim. I shot a guard to get in jail. Shot him again. Final warning he said. Sadly for him the next arrow killed him. Another guard saw the crime and threw me in the slammer. So I left the guardhouse and immediately got spotted by a guard, I tried this multiple times and no matter what I was always caught.

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So I ended up using bend will on him instead and ran for the burnt down house and waited a few hours while the other guards attacked my goon. After a while I snuck into the moor side inn and found five lockpicks in a chest. I went back to the guard house and just before I entered, a bunch of guards walked out so I had to duck behind the building.

Then oddly a riekling warrior attacked some of the guards. I kept peaking around the sides of the guardhouse waiting for the time to make a move but it never presented itself, the guards kept smacking my little goblin friend around and I realized that he actually picked a terrible time to come because now all the guards would hang around the guardhouse. Eventually an opportunity opened up and I ran inside the guard house and down into the jail where I unlocked the chest, back in business baby!

I went back up into the guardhouse where Benor was sitting in a chair, I shot him in the back of the head, killing him instantly. One almost got out. But I shot him just before he left the room and his bow bounced off the walls and into the fireplace. Once again I left the guardhouse and came across a really odd sight. About a dozen or so steel arrows sticking vertically out off the ground. The riekling ran over to a guard just standing there and one tapped him before running up and attacking another one that Skyrim life in prison aided him with.

This little guy had killed at least three guards all on his own. Including a citizen named Lami. I ran across the bridge, took out another guard and was home free. Solitude: Back in the big cities finally! I shot three children and once again found myself in jail. Okay so there was an issue with this one.

There were two guards sitting right outside the cell and one inside with me. When his back was turned I silently pushed the wall down and made my escape. The belongings chest sat just in front of a hole in the wall. My pick broke so I went to plan B. I grabbed a war hammer that was next to the chest and beat the guard in my cell to death, taking his bow before making a run for it.

Now to get some lock picks. Right in front of my was a potion of healing so I grabbed it. I saw a beggar and decided he probably had a few picks on him but as soon as I went to pickpocket him a guard would walk down the street and see me. Only problem was that everytime I would sneak up on him, a courier would stop and deliver something to me. No matter how quickly I skipped his dialogue, by the time I got to the guard, he was already next to another guard who would see me. So instead I went to my left into Angelines aromatics and for all the containers in there, not a lockpick was found, some gold though.

I left and when I got outside, a guard walked right past me. Another guard saw my friend and got into a fight with him. My friend had the upper hand and just before he delivered the final blow, his lifespan expired and he was a pile a dust on the ground. I ended up killing all the merchants in the market for a total of six lockpicks. Through castle dour. Dammit…there was a TON of imperial guards in the courtyard just outside the castle. I had 36 gold and a potion of healing, I sold the potion for 15 gold and bought nirnroot and chaurus eggs for 25 each and made my own invisibility potion.

So the problem with this tactic is that as soon as I enter a door, the potion wears off and I immediately get caught. So I took the potion and walked around the courtyard looking for more entrances into the castle, I found a couple and as I went along the wall, I found another way to get inside the castle without entering the courtyard.

It was near the entrance to the city. So I took that route, I made it to the city entrance, used a couple arrows and soul tear to kill a guard taking his gearwent up into the tower, along the wall, stealth dagger killed another guard, and got into the castle. I easily made it down to the dungeon. The plan was to find my cell, go back the way I used to escape initially, find the hole in the wall to open the chest, and then escape. I went down to where the cells were, killed a guard and took his key so finding the lockpicks was totally pointless.

Now I just have to get out. I went back up and sniped the heman as well as another guard who was in there. That alerted three guards and a legate who I stealthily killed using walls as cover, the legate was essential so I took him down, got hidden and then left the jail, back into the castle. There was no one in my path as I exited and found myself back on the castle wall. I snuck past a guard and hopped over the side of the wall and escaped Solitude.

So to get into jail I punched a lady in the face, I decided to be nicer this time. Madanachs room is actually locked so I was wrong about that. I tried just about everything I could, I tried shouting at the guards to see if they would come in, but nothing worked. So I served my time Skyrim life in prison the mine and traveled to Falkreath. Falkreath: I entered Dead Mans drink and yelled at someone so loudly that they flew across the room and the guards charged me with assault and threw me in prison.

Inside my cell were 7 pieces of bread, two on a table and five behind a large sack alongside another lock pick. Skyrim life in prison ate the bread to regain my strength and open my cell door. Got my gear and left the prison, into the guardhouse. I heard a loud thunderous roar and went around the guardhouse to find Sinding so…yeah…anyway after that I snuck over to the entrance, killing another guard, and escaped Falkreath.

Riften: The final escape. As I entered Riften, I encountered four stormcloaks fighting about six imperials, the stormcloaks got stomped. I always love that encounter upon entering Riften. Anyway, the beggar, Snilf who witnessed the entire thing still felt the need to ask what happened. So because of that, and his retarded name, I killed him, and was Skyrim life in prison to jail. This is the cell that has that broken shackle you can activate which sends the guards into your cell. So I went with picking the lock to my cell which I nailed first try.

I snuck past a guard and grabbed two iron swords that were on the wall and slipped into the room which turned out to have my stuff inside it. Sadly my pick broke so I needed to find more. I put away my swords for a steel and iron dagger which I equipped and continued on. The guard came into the room I was in and I quickly dispatched of him with my daggers.

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I exited the room and went into the room across from me with stairs and descended them, getting caught by a guard.

Skyrim life in prison

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