Star ocean till the end of time ending

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Private Actions are small side stories that you can find throughout the game. They add to the backgrounds of all of the characters, and will eventually decide which of the nine endings of the game you will see. Many Private Actions will present you with a list of possible responses to another characters question.

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Depending upon how you answer them, other characters will like you, or other characters participating in the Private Action, more or less. Some Private Actions will change relationships by simply participating in them without any input by you. The following list is only a superficial look at how each Private Action affects the relationships.

Time Frame: Beginning of game until you enter the Battle Simulator Requirements: Must not speak to Fayt's parents first Result: Fayt loses face with everyone else for snooping. The guy characters like Fayt better if you choose "Yeah, something like that. Time Frame: Beginning of the game until you enter the Battle Simulator Requirements: None Result: The first choice improves most relations while the second one damages them.

Only Albel prefers to have Peppita be asked if she is exaggerating. Being defeated improves relations between Fayt and Sophia as well as Fayt and Mirage. Escaping only improves relations between Fayt and Peppita. Location: Transport Ship Action: Speak to the Rosetti's after checking with the attendants to see how the escape is going. If you say you've never heard of the Clan, then you'll receive more modest gains in emotion points.

Location: Surferio Action: Talk to Roger at the center of town. Result: If you cooperate, you'll receive a mixed reception. You will get the Ancient Books if you do though. Time Frame: Immediately upon first entering the castle. Requirements: None Result: Everyone likes Fayt less.

Location: Arias by the gate. Action: Talk to the man standing there Time Frame: After saving Ameena and before defeating Crosell Requirements: None Result: Every response will give wild swings among different characters feelings towards Fayt.

Choose response 3. He is a great Symbologist, of which you are lacking currently.

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If you recruit him now, he'll stay with you for a good part, but then will not re your party until much later in the game than he would if you don't bring him with you now. Time Frame: After meeting Maria and before finishing the Shrine of Kaddan Requirements: None Result: You'll split the reaction between positive and negative whether you listen to the gossip or not. Action: Lord Woltar's Mansion is accessible with Albel in your party. Go to the second floor. Time Frame: After recruiting Albel and before defeating Crosell. Requirements: None Result: If you'd like Albel to like you, choose the third option.

The first option makes most others like Fayt.

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Requirements: None Result: People like Cliff better. Requirements: None Result: If you choose yes, you get a more positive response from your party. Time Frame: Anytime before the end of the game. Requirements: None Result: Choose a name that you like. The 3rd, 6th, or last choices have the smallest negative impact, though somebody always thinks the name is weak. Location: Armorer in Kirlsa on the 2nd Floor.

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Requirements: Must have Roger in your party. Result: People like Roger better, but like Fayt less. On to Weapons and Armor Last Edited: 27 Mar am.

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Star ocean till the end of time ending

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Is Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Really The End Of The Series’ Timeline?