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The Internet is full of rules many people aren't aware of. These aren't necessarily rules for conduct, but rather, rules of inevitability.

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Rule 50 states that for everything, there is a crossover with it. Rule 34 insists that no matter what, there's an adult version of it and Rule 63 sets the stage for this list by declaring, "There's a gender-flipped version of it. Because of this, there are hundreds, if not thousands of cosplayers who practice Rule 63 for their favorite franchises, and Star Wars is no exception. For this list, we wanted to showcase some of the Star wars gender bender talented cosplayers we found on the internets, whose love of their favorite Star Wars characters knows no gender boundaries. Some of these cosplayers have altered their target characters to reimagine them as an opposite gender while others simply dressed as the character without regard to their own.

Whatever their interpretation, these are all creative and fun ways of honoring some of pop culture's greatest Sci-Fi characters of all time. All photos used in this list are copyright their respective owners models and photographers and are not the property of CBR or its affiliates. Some have been slightly modified to fit this list. He specializes in cosplaying as Disney Princesses and seeing as Disney has acquired Star Warsthis entry is no exception! For his Disney Princess cosplay, he varies in the manner he tackles them.

Most of his Princesses are reimagined as Princely versions with some twists. For his Rapunzel from TangledCalfa reimagined the hair as a beard, which he braided and interwove with flowers. His unique costumes incorporate the color scheme and style of a Princess into a suit or tunic, which is exactly what you might think a male version Star wars gender bender a Disney Princess would look like on screen.

Calfa doesn't limit himself to masculine interpretations of Disney Princesses. He is wearing the same outfit reimagined and is carrying the same blaster she used to take out a Storm Trooper. It may look like he is listening to music, but those headphones complete the ensemble thanks to their resemblance to Fisher's iconic hairstyle in the film. Onofrea lives and works out of Studio City, California where she spends her time working in a wide variety of media.

In addition to cosplaying as her favorite characters from Star Wars and other franchises, she hosts a YouTube channel featuring a series called The Filmbaker. As you may be able to tell from that name, The Filmbaker is all about creating desserts based on geek-culture.

This can range from Groot cupcakes to just about anything you can think of. She also hosts Disaster Science Lab Kitchen where she bakes experimentally, which "usually end in a mess. While she is certainly a talented baker who loves pop culture, she is also a talented cosplayer. Her videos about baking and cosplaying have been featured on sites including The Mary Sue, Kotaku and Bustle to name a few.

Her cosplay as Han Solo wasn't deed for a convention but was made simply for Halloween in It is one of the character's most iconic photos, which makes this cosplay a necessary addition to this list.

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When it comes to cosplaying Star Wars characters, you might think the most common one would be Luke Skywalker or even Darth Vader, but you would be wrong. Go to a convention and you will see far more "Slave Leia" cosplayers walking around than any run-of-the-mill Jedi or Sith. She looked beautiful and alluring in her attire, which has only helped to fuel fantasies in peoples' minds for over 30 years. What you don't see so often is a guy sporting a gold bikini or even taking on a masculine interpretation of the character.

Ryan Consell isn't a typical cosplayer and his take on the character was put together to help him tackle his insecurities. Consell's interpretation of the character is as a male version of Slave Leia, which many have dubbed "Slave Leo. He wrote a blog entry about his experience called My Year as Slave Leo. One of the most astounding aspects of any Star Wars character is the time the filmmakers put into deing the makeup and costumes.

The character was brilliantly portrayed by Ray Park whose skills with a quarterstaff gave moviegoers a thrill Star wars gender bender the use of his double-bladed lightsaber. His actions on screen were impressive to behold, but his makeup and appearance were, to put it simply, cool. One of the problems with Darth Maul is that his makeup isn't something that's easy for your typical cosplayer to emulate.

In addition to the perfectly symmetrical lines of red and black that make up his face, he also has horns and a handmade black costume. This challenge presented little concern to Daniella Pino Guaita when she decided to put together her gender-bent homage to Darth Maul in Guaita is a cosplayer who lives and works out of Las Condes, Chile.

She works as an Industrial Deer, but her passion is video games and cosplaying.

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Lady Darth Maul is but one of her many amazing cosplays you can see on her Instagram. Fans of Star Wars will tell you there is one thing about Luke Skywalker that makes him fun to cosplay -- the man goes through a lot of costume changes.

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You can find cosplayers dressed up as "Farmboy Luke" or even Luke from Return of the Jedi where he is wearing all black, but one of the best choices for a cosplayer to take on was his garb from the time he trained with Master Yoda on Dagobah. The best aspect of this costume is that it is gender-neutral and anyone can put it together, but it takes talent to make it work.

Fortunately, there is Fantasci-Fi Girl who clearly loves the franchise and decided to pay homage to its lead character with this cosplay. She had this to say about the costume: " One of my favorite movie scenes of all time is Yoda training Luke to be a Jedi, making this definitely one of my favorite cosplays that I have ever done!

If you know her true identity, please let us know so we can give her the credit she deserves! In all of Science Fiction, Chewbacca is probably the most beloved character who can and has ripped people's arms off. He's loyal, he's cuddly, and he roars when he talks — Star wars gender bender more can you ask for? Also, he's ridiculously old and can pilot a starship among other things, all of which makes him an ideal character to emulate.

Unfortunately, cosplaying as Chewbacca usually means you have to jump into a hot suit and that's never comfortable for long. Fortunately, some intrepid cosplayers Star wars gender bender adapted the character into a more feminine aspect, which not only makes Chewbacca more attainable, it's also a creative way of showing your love for Chewie. Corrine Alexandra is not a typical cosplayer as her passions lay in photography. She prefers to be the one taking the pictures rather than being in front of the camera, but that doesn't mean she can't put together an amazing costume whenever the need arises.

She describes herself as a photographer, deer, blogger, connoisseur of zombie movies, collector of curiosities and being creative of many talents. You can check out her photography work and some of her cosplaying shots on her website. Alexandra's take on Chewie keeps his brown fur and bandoleer while removing much of the furry bits we normally see on the character. In some ways, it's a fur bikini, but in others, it's clearly Chewbacca, which is why we love this costume. Alexandra lives and works in the United States where she spends much of her time photographing her surroundings.

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You know a character has a lot of charisma when he is beloved, but his main character trait is that he is a cheat and a scoundrel. We are of course talking about Lando Calrissian with that description and his depictions by Billy Dee Williams and Donald Glover have cemented him in our hearts as one of the most beloved characters in the franchise.

Calrissian is charming and the character bleeds a certain machismo in each portrayal. It's difficult to conceive of him as a woman, but as Rule 63 says, it's going to happen somewhere online and it's a good thing it has, because Atomic Redhead nailed the look with her take on the character in She referred to her version as a "Pin-up Lando," which is an apt Star wars gender bender when you look at it. She has a blaster, leather boots, a skirt, and a mini-cape similar to the one worn by Williams in Empire Strikes Back.

Ellis lives and works in Southern California where she maintains an active blog covering fashion and unique travel destinations. Her favorite character from the franchise is Calrissian, making her interpretation especially important to her. One of the standout performances was Adam Driver's Kylo Ren. Over the course of the film, we learned he was the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa, but had rebelled against his teacher, Master Luke Skywalker and ed up with te insidious Supreme Leader Snoke, making him the big bad of the new film series.

He has a distinct look thanks to his all-black attire, unique helmet and cross-barred lightsaber, which is why cosplayers all across the world began dressing up as him almost immediately. Kylo Ren is one of her favorite characters from the new Star Wars series and Star wars gender bender put a lot of effort into portraying him as a woman. When she came up with the concept, she had a specific image in her mind. If the new series of films put out by Disney have taught us anything, it's that women can be Storm Troopers too! Gwendoline Christie's Captain Phasma is a formidable character with some of the series' most impressive armor it actually deflected a blaster shot.

Before Christie came along, all Storm Troopers were male Cosplaying as a female Storm Trooper is nothing new though and women have been doing it for ages. Few have done it in as well, though, as Ms. LeAnna Vamp. LeAnna Vamp is a professional cosplayer and Internet Celebrity with numerous acting credits, podcast performances, music videos and more credited to her name. She routinely creates and wears accurate costumes of her favorite characters, which range across all nerddom.

For her female Trooper, she left the helmet at home and created a modified set of armor. Seeing as Storm Trooper armor isn't very effective anyway, she opted to make a removable midriff, which is a daring style choice for a soldier. If you aren't familiar with her work, be sure to check out her site, which features dozens of modeling and cosplay pics.

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Oscar Isaac's character was initially meant to be Star wars gender bender off, but thanks to the fan reaction, he was saved and went on to become an integral part of the following film. Dameron has been compared to Harrison Ford's Han Solo from the Original Trilogy, so it's no wonder the character has had a lasting impact on fans and cosplayers alike.

There is certainly no shortage of Poe Dameron cosplayers online, but few follow Rule Luckily, we found an excellent example thanks to Amy Humphries. Amy Humprhies is a cosplayer who lives and works out of the United Kingdom. She is a self-described "Batman collector, artist and die-hard gamer," all of which helped to spurn an interest in cosplaying. When it comes to Star Wars cosplay, you can't get any better than her Princess Leia from Return of Star wars gender bender Jedibut for this list, we found her homage to the one and only Poe Dameron.

While it may not appear as much more than a jacket which is spot-onshe also applied the perfect makeup and really does look like what we imagine a female version of the character would be like. Her other cosplaying leans towards characters from Disney and DC, but we absolutely love her work in the Star Wars universe. Whether you love him or hate him, Anakin Skywalker is truly the main character of the prequels in the Star Wars franchise. Many cosplayers have gone the route of the adorable Annie as while others focused on him as a young Padawan under the tutelage of Obi Wan Kenobi, but those who wanted a challenge dressed up as Anakin after he succumbed to the Dark Side, like the example we found from Aurora Roger Skywalker.

She is a self-described member of Ravenclaw, a college student and someone who enjoys creating costumes and dressing up as her favorite characters. Her focus on Anakin Skywalker features his look almost exactly as it was seen on film. His costume could arguably be considered gender-neutral but her rendition has a definite femininity to it. Okay, this one's a bit of a cheat, since it's not really bending gender, but it is a cosplay created by a female fan, and we think you'll agree that it is just far too good not to include!

Fans didn't get the Luke they thought they were getting and while some fans loved the character, others had a problem with him. Perhaps in a move that both celebrates and pokes fun at the character, we found "Old Man Luke Skywalker" by Joanna Lynn simply irresistible!

Bert has dressed up as nearly every Disney Princess, from Snow White to Anna and each costume is more brilliant than the last. For whatever reason, she decided to step outside her comfort zone to throw together an Old Man Luke that not only looks amazing with the makeup and hair, it comes equipped with a walker made of illuminated lightsabers.

You can't get much better than that, which is why Bert takes the award for best Luke Skywalker cosplay we have ever seen Thanks to the whole "Han shot first" debacle created with the release of the Special Edition back in the '90s, people have been talking about Greedo more than they did in the preceding two decades. He didn't stay on film for long, but his death had an impact and folks have been paying their respects by dressing up as the character ever since. He isn't the most heavily targeted Star Wars character for cosplayers, but many have done a good job portraying him, with few as good as this gender-bent version we found on Corinne Alexandra's.

Normally, we wouldn't feature the same artist twice on a single list, but we couldn't resist paying respect to Alexandra's Greedo alongside her Chewbacca. For this Greedo, most of the work was done with makeup and prosthetics. Her gloves and attire also speak to the character and make for a perfect portrayal of the character we all know shot second.

Seriously, Han shot first. You know it, we know it and George Lucas knows it.

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We had to make a slight modification to Ms. Alexandra's original images for the benefit of some of our more conservative readers, but please check out her original images here. When couples cosplay, they often take on the roles of other couples. It's familiar and it's fun! The costume for Slave Leia

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