Stardew valley abigail fan art

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Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Stardew romanceables. I wanna try my hand at my own des for them but maybe later.

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This year I am participating in Hanniween being hosted primarily on Instagram I believe! A mini documentary on these water spirits in the Hildaverse as seen in "Abby"! Water Witches are magical water spirits that can be found in many large water sources around the world.

They are most commonly found in oceans, but can also be found in lakes and rivers! They tend to be made from the water and sediment of their home water source. They tend to not stray too far from their home and enjoy basking outside during rainstorms to collect fresh water in their bubble of "hair". They can't survive if the water in their hair dries up and will dissipate if it runs dry. So droughts are especially deadly for them. Here's a comparison of two water witches, one from a lake and one from the ocean!

Like the sirens of folklore, these beautiful spirits would often appear on the ships of sailors while out at sea, with a gentle and graceful appearance in order to fool unsuspecting humans. Though later humans would come to fear them, as they showed themselves to be man-eating beasts. When the water witches realized that humans no longer fell for their traps, they stopped the facade and took a hostile approach, attacking ships on sight in a feeding frenzy.

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It was later discovered that these beings eat bones for sustenence, hence why the meat of their prey is always left behind but the bones missing. Ghost ships like the one I sailed on especially feared them, as our exposed skeletons are easy targets!

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Many legends of old with tales of women living in lakes may have actually been water witches! Underwater, water witches flourish with vibrant flora from their home water source! While up on land, these magical plants growing from their sediment bodies dissipate, only to reappear again once they submerge.

It's quite a sight!

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No male water witches have ever been spotted, leaving nautical researchers to believe all water witches are biologically female. Those who have researched these creatures note that they seem to just rise up from the sediment of their home water source, resembling human children when first appearing.

These beings continuously grow whilst living in their home water source and have been seen to reach heights of up to 20 feet! As seen here!

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Throughout history these creatures have proven to be resistant to human weaponry, and appear to not feel pain. I suppose that's due to them being made of sand? In the center of their being lies a blue stone; removing or breaking the stone is the only true way to defeat one of these beasts.

There are old tales of drowned sailors who came into contact with one of these blue stones and were resurrected, though there are no documented cases of it actually happening. I was a draug, I would know!! Here's a height chart of all the water witches I saw in my day! It seems like all the meanest ones are the tallest!

Stardew valley abigail fan art

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