Streamer chokes cat

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Beautiful how if you make Twitch money you can do whatever you want, including animal abuse. But if you aren't partnered and you do something wrong you are perma banned no questions. Expecting anything more from Twitch. They are a business -- not a government agency. Just hope that she doesn't make twitch THAT much money. The same week, popular streamer who makes a lot of money for twitch had a stream where he put a shock collar on himself, and shocked himself on stream for donations, and then licked his cats asshole on stream for donations, had a twitch admin phone him and politely ask him to stop doing it, then did nothing else.

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If you make lots of money for twitch then you basically need to smash a babies head in on stream for them to ban you. There are many partners breaking the rules even though they've been warned by Twitch. I wish that Twitch would be harder on their partners but at the end of the day I understand that they run a business and want it to be as successful as possible.

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I bet it is just a 48 hour ban until the internet forgets about it. To me that's complete bullshit and I'll unsub from everyone and boycott Twitch. I hear YouTube Gaming and Hitbox need new viewers anyway. Animal abuse is just as bad as child abuse. It's a living breathing thing that trust you and can't really protect itself or understand why you're suddenly hurting it. She is playing it off as a joke now but she wasn't during the stream. A ban on a website is hardly justice. Justice to me would be removal of the animals and the abuser getting formal charges.

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All animals deserve a safe home to live in. A ban on some website doesn't really help the animals. In fact, the streamer might be more abusive towards them now that her means of getting income of gone. Edit: After seeing the incident for myself, what I really think should happen is the animal equivalent of CPS. Someone needs to just come in and educate the streamer on basic cat social cues and show her that she does not need to "dominate" the cat in order for it to be trained to sit with her.

With some classes there could easily be a happy ending for everyone involved. It's not really just "a ban on a website" when that website is her job. Found the internet! The streamer that choked her cats got banned, justice is served.

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Sort by: best. Continue this thread. I hear YouTube Gaming and Hitbox need new viewers anyway ; Animal abuse is just as bad as child abuse.

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Streamer chokes cat

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The streamer that choked her cats got banned, justice is served