Subnautica loading screen

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Turboboost your Subnautica loading times! For whatever reason, Subnautica's loading times are affected by the framerate, which by default is capped at your monitor's refresh rate. Fast Loading Screen eliminates this bottleneck, allowing the game to load as fast as your machine allows.

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File information Last updated 29 May AM. Original 29 May AM. ed by tobeyStraitjacket. Virus scan Safe to use. About this mod Turboboost your Subnautica loading times! Author notes This author has not provided any additional notes regarding file permissions. File credits This author has not credited anyone else in this file.

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Donation Points system This mod is opted-in to receive Donation Points. This version of Fast Loading Screen is for the original Subnautica!

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Through this mod, I have personally cut my own loading times in almost half! FastLoadingScreen No configuration required! Just boot up the game as usual and be safe in the knowledge that your game is now loading as fast as it can. If you want to compare the differences with and without this mod, you can follow these steps: Optionally, enable the BepInEx console by editing the BepInEx. Console] Enables showing a console for log output.

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Once you see this line you can release Left Ctrl. Once you have loaded into the game, you will see a line in the console like this: [Message:Fast Loading Screen] Benchmark complete, loading completed in Now, exit back to the main menu and load into the same save or a new game again without holding Left Ctrl. The performance boosters will be enabled, and at the end of the loading screen the console should read output similar to the following: [Message:Fast Loading Screen] Loading completed in 7.

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By the way, those aren't made up s in the sample logs above, those are from one of my average benchmarks. My loading times are almost cut in half! Need help? Your first port of call when in need of help with a Subnautica: Below Zero mod should be the Subnautica Modding discord server.

If however you've stumbled on a bug, please file a bug report on the Bugs tab with as much information as possible to help us find the cause of the issue so we can get it squashed in an update. Useful information includes examples, screenshots, and steps to reproduce the issue. Check out these other Subnautica mods from Straitjacket Software! SnapBuilder - Snap-to-Grid in Subnautica!

VersionChecker A version checking utility for Subnautica mods. QModManager 4. VersionChecker - A version checking utility for Subnautica mods.

Subnautica loading screen

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