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As I was packing my shoes I came to an acceptance of something I never wanted to accept — my shoe size. Just a few days ago I was on Google, reading about foot reduction surgery, foot liposuction and foot facelifts.

If I had the money I probably would have done it already. I had to stop and ask myself a few questions that I really had a tough time answering. My identity? Am I not mocking my Maker?

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What if I was given these big feet to help those who are having issues with their confidence and self esteem because someone with smaller feet thought they are better than they are? Even if I decide I want to go ahead with the surgery, what will I be doing about my big feet while I wait until I have enough money to go on a medical vacation in Indonesia?

Continue to sulk and hide my feet? Continue to imagine myself with smaller feet and looking good in those pointy shoes my friends get to wear? What if I never get to go? That actually hurts.

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On the online store issue, I really do wish it changes. And on those who sell big sizes, stop selling us the ugly ones. Not nice! Rock those stunner heels if they come in your size. Life is too short to drag your feet in ugly shoes. Embrace those big feet.

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Walk tall and if anyone has anything to say about the size of your feet, ask them how it affects their breathing. I will be posting on plus size shoes and where to get them soon. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Tall girl big feet

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