Teen diaper punishment story

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Re: Likes: Shelves: 1 Comments: 1. More Details. Add to Read List. A Bare Boy in the Pool Beginning at the age of nine, my mother forced me to wear a diaper whenever I was naughty. I hated diapers at first, but by the time I was years old, I started to enjoy them. I especially remember one glorious summer day when my best friend and I spent most of the day together in diaper punishment.

It all began when my mother yelled at me. I grabbed my swimming trunks from the side of our backyard pool and slipped them on underwater. Then I scrambled out of the pool, quickly dried off and dashed inside. Julie was my 9-year old sister. Not so long ago, her menacing stare might have intimidated me into a tearful confession.

I'm years old now, so I'm wise to her "stare and scare" tactic.

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I kept my mouth shut. Why confess to something until I knew how much she had actually seen? Don't even try denying it! I've told you before not to swim like that. You're not a little boy anymore. Besides, we've got a fence around the backyard. Nobody could see me. Why can't I swim naked when nobody is around? The constitution says I can. It says 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Mom swatted my seat, overriding my constitutional argument.

Why bother learning about the constitution in school if you can't use that knowledge at home?

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You're in diaper detention until bedtime. She calls it diaper Teen diaper punishment story. Once I'm in my diaper, I'm not allowed to wear anything else. No shirt. No shorts. I'm also not allowed to use the toilet. Instead, I have to go potty in my diaper like a toddler.

I get diaper changes like a toddler, too. I don't mind being treated like a toddler. I wouldn't want to wear a diaper every day, but once in a while, it's fun to romp around the house in only my diaper. I'm sure your sister will enjoy your little striptease show.

My wiener bounced into view, causing Julie to get a case of the giggles. Swimming naked is fun. Stripping naked in front Teen diaper punishment story mom and my giggly sister is red-faced embarrassing. My face got redder when mom put her hand on my bare bottom—I could feel her middle finger in my butt crack—and guided me down the hallway towards her bedroom. My sister Julie tagged along, giggling at the sight of my wiener bouncing around like a conductor's baton.

She's always been allowed to watch me get diapered. She squeezed my butt cheeks a couple of times. Twice this summer, mom has ripped off my diaper and spanked my bare behind like a little boy. I got 11 spanks each time, one spank for every year old I am. I only get bare-bottom spankings if I misbehave while I'm in diaper detention. Diapered like a Baby "Go lie on the bed, Greg!

I hesitated briefly. Mom swatted my bare behind, reminding me to instantly obey her. Rubbing my butt, I marched over to the bed and lay on my back. Within seconds, my wiener got stiff. You try lying naked on a bed with your mother and sister staring at you. Your wiener will get stiff, too. Anyway, it was pointing straight up like a giant finger and I couldn't make it go down. Julie was quick to notice my predicament. Greg is saluting me again. I'm giving mom the finger because she swatted my butt.

That fear quickly faded when she opened the bottom dresser drawer—my baby drawer—and fished out disposable diaper. Mom keeps my diapers in her room so my friends won't see them when I have sleepovers. They look like baby diapers, too. Each diaper has colorful des on the front panel. They're fun to wear. I quickly lifted my legs up and over my head, giving mom and Julie a bird's-eye view of my private parts.

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My face burned with shame. I like wearing a diaper, but I hate surrendering my dignity in front of my little sister. Mom slid the diaper under my butt. After I lowered my legs and spread them apart, she pulled the diaper through my legs and snugly over my wiener. She finished by fastening my diaper tapes. There are two tapes on each side. In less than a minute, I was transformed from a naked boy into a diapered baby. After I stood up, I could feel the thick diaper padding between my legs and rubbing against my wiener. What a great feeling! I looked down and smiled slightly when I saw the colorful des on the front panel.

Those des made me feel so babyish. When I saw the yellow wetness stripes, I couldn't wait to wet my diaper like a baby and turn those pee stripes blue. She patted my diapered bottom. You don't know how stupid you looked yesterday in panty detention. When she's naughty, mom makes her strip down to her panties.

Teen diaper punishment story she has to do panty detention. Julie hates parading around the house wearing only her panties. She hates being topless, too. I don't know why. There's nothing up there to see yet. Behave yourself in here or I'll take off your diaper and spank your bare fanny! Normally, I have to be in the same room as either mom or Julie at all times.

I'm treated pretty much like a toddler who needs to be constantly watched. I went over to mom's closet door mirror. My white diaper stood out in stunning contrast to my suntanned body. I felt silly seeing myself in a diaper, but at the same time, I found my reflection cute. I'm not ashamed to admit it. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Tan skin. White diaper with colorful des on it. If that's not cute, what is? After I turned around and examined my rear end, I couldn't help but smile. Julie was right about one thing.

I was a diaper butt. Still, I liked how the thick padding rounded out my bottom. I wiggled my behind and smiled again. I looked like a diaper-butt toddler. I remember the first time I had to wear a diaper for punishment. I had to wear a real toddler diaper then.

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It happened two years ago when my cousin Robby was visiting me. For whatever reason, we decided to sleep naked one night. The next morning, we both woke up with stiff wieners. We scrambled out of bed and had an impromptu sword fight. We'd parry and thrust with our wieners, just like they were real swords.

We also ran around the room, stabbing each other in the butt with our wiener swords. Mom heard the commotion. She came barging into my room, just in time to see Robby stabbing me in the butt. She grabbed him and spanked his bare behind until it was shiny red. Then I got a red sore butt, too. It was my first bare-bottom spanking. After our spankings, we stood naked in the corner for a few minutes, showing off our red bottoms while mom scolded us.

Then an idea popped into her head.

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She went next door and borrowed two toddler diapers. When she returned, she put us in those tiny diapers. They were too small to go completely around our waists, so she used white bandage tape to keep them in place. What a strange experience! I was nine-years old, but I was being diapered like a helpless two-year old toddler. Mom forced us to wear those tiny toddler diapers all morning.

Teen diaper punishment story

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A Story Of Diaper Discipline