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The teenage years wouldn't be complete without the life-altering drama of young love. When it comes to relationships within the DC Comics universe, the Teen Titans have had their fair share of flings. However, not Teen titans terra hot hookups are created equal. Some of these matchups allowed the team to become even more powerful.

So, which relationships were iconic, and which ones don't need rebooting any time soon? Here are some of the most stand out pairs from the Teen Titans series ranked from worst to best. Obscure as it is, Supergirl and Power Boy's relationship was a ship-come-to-life for fans. Readers who longed for the Superman x Wonder Woman romance were able to see a youthful reflection of DC's most well-known and commonly shipped heroes.

However, not all fan-favorite matchups are meant to be. Their relationship fell apart at the hands of Power Boy not that it was ever that healthy from the start. By becoming abusive and controlling, Power Boy pushed his girlfriend away. A tragic fight between the two ended any chance of this young love regaining its spark ever again. The unnecessarily sexualized outfit worn by Starfire is not the only thing that upset fans in this era.

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Unlike the case of Supergirl and Power Boy, fans were not ecstatic to see Starfire and Arsenal become linked. This fling followed a heartbreaking falling apart between Starfire and Nightwing a romance that actually didn't seem toxic. The disdain from fans came from the obvious break of any sort of "bro code" on Arsenal's side. Readers weren't too happy to see someone from Nightwing's life seeing his ex-girlfriend, and they definitely weren't happy to see the light-hearted Starfire with a broody character like Arsenal. This relationship was just straight-up weird and forced. These two are far from winning couple of the yearbut their chemistry couldn't help but make Teen titans terra hot obvious to readers.

The two appeared to be a perfect match as soon as they became friends. From that one panel of Ravager using Kid Devil's firepower to light her cigarette to skinny dipping in the pool together, they truly showed what it means to be young, dumb, and in love. Their ability to stand up for and protect each other is unprecedented. Unfortunately, there may be some truth in the saying "all good things must come to an end" when it comes to these two misfits. Kid Devil's insecurity eventually led to their inevitable break up. Terra may not be the gal most fans want to see by Beast Boy's side, but the two had undeniable chemistry.

By no means were they perfect. However, while it lasted, the dynamic nature of their partnership truly did work. Their feelings appeared fairly mutual throughout their happier arcs. For the most part, there was a level of respect between the two that can be hard to find in cases of young love. Their story has been filled with dark twists and heartbreaking moments. Eventually, readers learned that Terra was a spy and was supposedly killed. While that didn't end their story, it was an unforgettable moment that changed Beast Boy for good, proving the depth of this iconic relationship.

This heavily supported ship has made waves in the comic community as a possible contender for the best Teen Titans couple. In Teen Titans: Future Stat ethere hasn't been much focus on interpersonal relationships given the inevitable threat of a possible apocalypse, we understand.

Still, the first issue of the series made room for an update on the relationship between Red Teen titans terra hot and Kid Flash. Approaching the ruins of what used to be Titans Tower, Red Arrow falls to her knees in front of a grave labeled "Wallace West," aka her past lover, Kid Flash. The long-awaited confirmation of the two as an official couple may have filled reader's hearts with joy, but this recent release managed to take that feeling away in rapid time. Though short-lived, the two were an incredible match and deserved a much nicer fate than the one they received.

It's possible this tragic future could be avoided and, for Emiko's sake, readers can't help but hope it will be. While these two might not be the most canon on the list, fans often talk about this ship more than Beast Boy and Terra. The two have recently become a hot topic on social media as falling into the real-life "alternative girl meets gamer boy" stereotype. That was all fans needed to create plenty of fan art and headcanon stories. Media of the two popularized the internet as fans fell in love with the idea of this spunky couple. In reality, the partnership is one that has not been explored much at all.

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When most DC readers think of young love in the Teen Titans series, most will immediately go to the relationship between Starfire and Nightwing. Both perhaps the most symbolic representations of the team itself, they have made quite a name for themselves individually and as a couple alike.

Dick Grayson's angsty nature directly contradicts everything that a young Starfire was: light-hearted and hopeful. Of course, the idea of opposites attracting perfectly fits in regards to these two Titans. While they may be the most iconic couple on the team, that did not secure them a stable, happy future. The wedding they once planned was cut short, causing them to both question the validity of their own feelings.

This drove the once optimistic couple to a traumatic breakup probably more traumatic for fans than the characters themselves. Since then, fans have yet to let go of the possibility of this relationship going canon once againand there's no reason to blame them.

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It's no question that Starfire and Nightwing should be considered the greatest Teen Titans romance. This does go to show, however, how doomed everyone on the crime-fighting team seems to be when it comes to romance. Rarely do these flings last, but maybe that's just the cost of young love these days.

Still, these nice moments of romance and passion stand out amongst the action as heartwarming reminders of the team's love for one another even when the matchup seems a bit wacky. Caroline is a writer and photographer out of Worcester, MA. Both of her passions began as a high school student and she has spent the years since growing as a content creator, exploring different styles and fields, working with other talented artists, and loving every second of it all. She is an avid punk rock listener, comic book collector and gaming enthusiast.

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