The girl with the dragon tattoo lesbian

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I mean… not in the strictest sense. Clearly, right? But there is the matter of the secondary protagonist, Lisbeth Salandar, who is far and away the most interesting character in the entire series of books. Salander — unlike Mimmi — had never thought of herself as a lesbian.

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She had never brooded over whether she was straight, gay, or even bisexual. If she had to choose, she preferred guys—and they were in the lead, statistically speaking.

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The only problem was finding a guy who was not a jerk and one who was also good in bed; Mimmi was a sweet compromise, and she turned Salander on. They had met in a beer tent at the Pride Festival a year ago, and Mimmi was the only person that Salander had introduced to the Evil Fingers.

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There is, in the book, mention of her sleeping with a woman. There is also, in the book, ificantly more mention of her sleeping with a man. Speaking of which: trigger warnings.

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There are graphic descriptions of rape and other sexual violence. And definitely avoid the movies. Did I not mention the plot yet?

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We follow recently disgraced political journalist Mikael Blomkvist as he takes on the case of a teenage girl who disappeared without a trace 36 years prior. The plot is twisty, but not in a unfollowable way.

My one pet peeve with the book was how freaking often Larsson sent his characters to go get coffee. Like, every other. Hooray for characters exhibiting true-to-life human behavior, but, really? Is it really, truly necessary to provide evidence of their caffeine addictions in such banal, repetitive, frequent detail?

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I almost prefer the remorseless, brutal misogyny. Missed opportunities! Primary menu Skip to primary content.

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The girl with the dragon tattoo lesbian

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The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: Lisbeth Salander by Any Other Name