The under boob challenge

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From the bottom. Without the nipple showing. The underboob refers to the parts of breasts below the nipple, often exposed in a high-cropped top.

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One early instance The under boob challenge underboob comes in a internet Usenet post where a woman wonders about underboob deodorant. Hey, it can get sweaty down there. The term may be inspired by the nearby side boobrecorded as early as Society disagreed. In earlya social-media challenge, referred to as the underboob challenge, spread in Japan and China. Interest in underboob tattoos, or tattoos in this region, also spiked during this time. Sideboobunderboobor both? Popular fashion, style, and culture publications also use underboob when talking about the trend.

Kylie Jenner, ever the fan of the underboobsimply lets her pictures do all the talking. Nothing worse then underboob sweat. Sometimes I like to stand in front of a fan and just let it blow me. This is not meant to be a formal definition of underboob like most terms we define on Dictionary. Word of the Day. Meanings Meanings. Examples Origin Usage. Slang dictionary underboob [ uhn -der boob] What does underboob mean? What's hot. Related words back dimplesbooty shortsduck lipsside boobthirst trap. Where does underboob come from? The New Daily. Kendall Jenner partied in New York City on Wednesday night, and, just like that, side boob is now a dying trend.

The model wore a cropped and I mean cropped white tank top that flashed some subtle underboob. Popular now. Who uses underboob?

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