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Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. I hate this idea that Obi Wan Kenobi could have "saved" or "redeemed" Anakin in any capacity. Disney have a lot to answer for in this regard thanks to that scene from a comic, but honestly? This whole idea comes from fandom and needs to die. Lucas was clear that SW was about fathers and sons, parents and children. From what I understand, the only confirma we have a Dick officially being a full fledged adopted son under a Bruce Wayne Tumblr fathers and sons was in that issue of Gotham Knights shortly after they finalize his papers.

Basically, Should Dick in an ideal continuity be officially adopted or remain at most a foster child? Thanks for the Ask! To answer this correctly, I need to digress a moment and set the stage for my answer. It was a matter of some controversy as to whether or not Dick was considered Bruce's son. Everyone knew that Dick was Bruce's ward meaning that Bruce was Dicks legal guardian but the nature of the relationship between the two was a subject of fan controversy from the 60s onward when Dick was aged up to a 16 years to be more in line with the Batman TV series.

Bruce adopting Jason made things a bit more complicated. Why didn't Bruce adopt Dick? Was there something wrong between them? Did he not love Dick the way he did Jason? Was Dick or Bruce harboring some nasty secret that made them not truly family but just co-workers? Finally, in Robin 13 DC decided to put an end to the increasingly acrimonious speculation by hashing the issue out. Bruce, being Bruce, just suddenly shows up in the Batcave with no warning. He and Dick have it out. Tumblr fathers and sons five panels put the debate to rest once and for all.

It also completely eclipsed Tim in his own book for the issue, so I'm not sure why this wasn't done in one in of the main Batman tittles instead but that's DC for you. I just assumed as many did that Bruce had formally adopted Dick at that point. But because they never showed "on screen" and because Dick never changed his last name, there was still speculation among the more obsessed elements in the fandom. As we all know in Gotham Knights 17 the adoption paperwork was was ed by both of them.

End of story; Dick is Bruce's adopted son.

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Even after not one but two continuity reboots, I think this is still cannon. So yes, I think that Dick should still be considered the adopted son of Bruce Wayne. The recent acknowledgement of Tim's adoption as cannon only strengthens my opinion.

Tim was adopted after Dick, so if pre-New52 events are once again cannon, then so was Dick's adoption. It has quite a few interesting characters, some of which are not so popular. So, you might find a new read or educate yourself on Russian lit a bit.

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Hope you enjoy, i tried to make it aesthetic and with a modern twist for the characters. This is the sweetest interaction between a serving father Tumblr fathers and sons his son! I hope they're reunited now and are able to spend many hours playing catch together. A nihilist is a man who does not bow down before any authority, who does not take any principle on faith, whatever reverence that principle may be enshrined in.

And, as I mentioned at the beginning of the post, when Jin Rusong is acknowledged at all, often his death is treated as an accident or as an unfortunate happening - something passive - rather than as an active thing that was done to him by his actual father. We as a fandom seem to be very excited about babies. Do we just forget? Does it get lost in his other crimes? Is it really just the dissonance between having read the novel first or having watched the show? For the purposes of the fandom we tend to believe that Jin Guangyao knowingly married his half sister and that he deliberately hired prostitutes to fuck his father to death and then murdered him.

Both of those are hearsay as well.

Tumblr fathers and sons

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