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Nutrition has been on the mind of the nation in past emergencies, and just like now, the BBC has been there to offer some solid advice. Whether due to panic buying, distribution snags, or just everyone adding a few extra items to their basket, the disappearance of the foods we normally expect to see on the shelves literally brings home to us the seriousness of the situation. From its earliest months, the war saw households disrupted, more people working longer hours, and food increasingly difficult and time-consuming to obtain.

When food rationing was introduced in Januarywith fixed amounts of household staples sugar, tea, cheese, meat, etc and only limited purchases of canned or packet goods, how people - and it was mostly women - coped, not simply with food rationing itself, but food buying, food preparation and food economy, would be a key factor in maintaining day-to-day morale.

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At first the popular travel writer S. Mais alternated as presenter with cookery writer Ambrose Heath. But soon producer Janet Quigley - fighting back against Ministry attempts to make the programme more official in tone - was introducing a much wider range of presenters and topics. Wednesdays were always the Radio Doctor Dr Charles Hilladvising on family health and healthy eating.

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Saturdays featured regional recipes, international recipes - even vegetarian recipes. In over a thousand five-minute episodes broadcast on the wartime Home Service at The programme had a loyal audience of some 5 million listeners, and a particularly strong following among working-class housewives, an audience the BBC had often ly struggled to reach.

Its success can perhaps be measured by : during the period of rationing, the British people were healthier than they had ever been before or since. One thing The Kitchen Front appears not to have done is to permanently change the cooking and eating habits of the British people.

Food rationing did not finally end in Britain until But when it did, old cooking habits d. It would take another generation, and other kinds of cookery programmes, before the food habits of the British were challenged so radically again. What has Woman's Hour meant to you over the years? Has the programme been life changing, or maybe a constant friend?

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Which features do you remember most? I remember being 12 and listening to the radio with my dad. Women's Hour were discussing sex toys, particularly ones that vibrate. My father was visibly struggling with the decision to turn it off out of embarrassment, or to keep it on, so as to support his little feminist daughter. Please talk about issues facing our trans sisters, without the unnecessary input of "concerned" cis feminists.

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Some cis feminists like myself are completely and unflinchingly pro trans rights. Have women done so well? I wrote a letter hard copy with an envelope to Woman's Hour in following an iterm on the new de of the disposable nappy. As a user of the same 12 towelling nappies on my 2nd child after my first in I was shocked, standing in my local Boots store to realise that there was a whole aisle devoted to those "modern" disposable items. My lightbulb moment was that this was just one aisle in one town, in one country. My letter highlighted the awfulness of the monstrous "malodourous piles of plastic and paper" that the disposable nappy trend was causing and that we are leaving this problem to be dealt with by these very dear babies we are using them on.

So my comment is that I am depressed that we women have "demanded" an item to make our lives easier and thus created horrendous landfill hills for our indulgence because we couldn't be bothered to rinse and sluice and hang on the line an utterly recyclable terry nappy. So Woman's Hour heard my comment and broadcasted it 38 yrs ago but it had no impact at all. Women today - need to get our he around acknowledging and fixing this awful blind-spot we have with regards the landfill issue we cause.

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I had 3 children and worked part and full time throughout. I am proud that I would taker 4 nappies on holidays and these were brought home To answer Theresa Hughes' comment above - by 'women' did you mean 'parents'? Or in your view is the malodorous issues of nappies recyclable or not purely a woman's problem? We aim to read all of your s but due to the s we receive each day it is not always possible to reply to everyone individually.

If you are happy to be contacted by a BBC journalist please leave a telephone that we can contact you on. In some cases a selection of your comments will be published, displaying your name as you provide it and location, unless you state otherwise. Your contact details will never be published. When sending us pictures, video or eyewitness s at no time should you endanger yourself or others, take any unnecessary risks or infringe any laws. Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions. Food Rationing. Terms and Conditions read?

Under siege birthday cake scene

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