Why does my boyfriend want to eat me out

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We were making out in his apartment the other day when he mentioned that he wanted to go down on me. I got a little freaked out but he told me that he really wanted to do it. Even though I trust him wholeheartedly I am so nervous for this to happen. I guess my questions, to you guys who rock and I need some advice, are:. I already shave and shower twice a day, but should I do anything else? What does it feel like from a girls and guys perspective? Hoping everyone has a good day!!

It doesn't need to be about the end goal destination of cumming. The journey is more than half the fun and can be just as great. If the train doesn't pull all the way into the station every time, it just means you get to go around for another trip another time. Not trying to say this is the same thing or know what you're thinking exactly, but as a guy who had years of struggling to cum from sex and stressed about it daily, I can only tell you that embracing the journey is the best thing you can do.

Learning to have fun and enjoy and not stressing it is by far the best thing that can lead you to the big O. I'm a woman and have almost never made myself orgasm from masterburation or penetration. Eating me out and fingers have always been my triggers to explode. It feels wonderful! I'm seeing a new guy and it's always nerve racking even when you are experienced and confident. If he's good he's going to focus on your clit.

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It's going to make your body quiver and shake in the most bizarre way. Its completely involuntary and you're probably going to feel very awkward and self conscious. He will LOVE it!! That tells him he's doing it right!! Just go with it and get into it! Be yourself and know that he wants this and he wants YOU!!

Do what you would normally be comfortable with down there. Nothing special except making it look presentable and tidy. You probably won't until you get more comfortable. Relax and enjoy it because it still feels great! You are so nice!! As a guy, don't worry about your taste. He's tasted pussy before, and wants to taste yours. He'll like it. Trust me. Also, WE enjoy it. It's hot. It's intimate. It's fun. If you come from it, great! But don't feel like you're some kind of failure if you don't.

Just enjoy the sensations of a mouth licking and sucking you. Spread your knees wide for him. Let your flower open for him. WANT his mouth on you. You don't have to come, but let yourself come if it happens. Either way, he will enjoy it. Feel free to give feedback too. Moans can work if he's perceptive, but verbal instructions like just keep doing that or my God right there will make it better for both of you.

Every woman is different and learning how to please your body without feedback is like trying to read your mind. This is everything you need to know. Give him directions too when you know what you like. As a lesbian, I can speak to both sides of this : As a frequent and experienced giver and receiver of pussy eating, the experience is the fun part, and most the time for us it ends in orgasm, but it doesn't always. It still feels good and is intimate even when we don't Why does my boyfriend want to eat me out.

Sometimes I just go in for a snack even when I know we don't have time for full blown sexy time, bc the taste and intimacy is a reward in itself without the orgasm. As a lover of pussy, I promise he will love your pussy. The taste is the best thing in the world unless there is something abnormal like a yeast infection going on. You probably won't cum until you relax, but that is part of the process. You don't owe him an orgasm. Let him know you are nervous about that and don't want to focus on the orgasm until your ready, just exploration.

He can eat you out, then you can finish with your fingers or vibe if you want to share that with him. There is no right or wrong reaction.

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The sharing and growing part can really make you feel closer. As a bisexual woman, I wholeheartedly agree with the above comment. As someone who likes eating pussy, I can assure you that the smells and tastes and sensations are part of what makes it enjoyable for the giver.

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Ask him if he prefers shaved or not, or even if he has a preference. In reality, any human should only shower once a day. Leading to my next point. Making sure you are enjoying it as much as possible. Communication will help. End of the day, you just have to realise that sex is messy.

Someone will fart, there will be noises coming from places you never expected them. And then imagine that on your lips and clit down there. Someone kissing all your folds and gliding their tongue through your crevasses. From the base all the way up to your very sensitive clit, so warm and soft and amazing. By that point your basically begging for his dick. Begging for him.

You want him, you want it so bad you become fucking ravenous. Enjoy the sexual pleasure and the potential it has, not everyone has a magical little bundle of nerve endings just for pleasure like us ladies.

Oh my Found the internet! Boyfriend wants to eat me out help!! Posted by 3 years ago. I guess my questions, to you guys who rock and I need some advice, are: what should I do in terms of down there before hand? Sort by: best. Continue this thread. I also love your username And Do what you would normally be comfortable with down there. Nothing special except making it look presentable and tidy 2.

You sound like you taste completely normal and perfect 3. Recap: You look, taste, and smell fine. You really do. Relax and enjoy the sensations. Have fun Good luck! Excellent piece of advice! Give us an update after please. I will!! Guy here.

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Let me give you the short list: Ask him if he prefers shaved or not, or even if he has a preference. I hope this gives you a bit of perspective. Good luck to you. More posts from the sex community. It is a sex-positive community and a safe space for people of all genders and orientations which demands respectful conduct in all exchanges. No exceptions. Created Jan 25, Top posts february 6th Top posts of february, Top posts Back to Top.

Why does my boyfriend want to eat me out

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