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The strategies Workaholics employs to keep Blake, Adam, and Ders from being unlikable are many and varied. Their rented, squalid bachelor pad is the only place they really can be themselves—no work, no women because, obviouslyand no outsiders, leaving the guys free to let their stunted sensibilities come up with fun, stupid shit to do.

We all remember the rotting dead skunk episoderight? But that balance is also what keeps Workaholics from simply being the catchphrase gross-out some people claim it to be.

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In their ineptness at emulating the very male archetypes they claims to aspire to, the guys contain a surprisingly sophisticated critique of the cult of the bro. Spin that record, babe!

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Get a 3-speed record player that can handle 7", 10", and 12" vinyl with built-in speakers and a replacement needle to boot. Well, Blake and Ders are—Adam spends the bulk of the episode in a state of brain-injured semi-amnesia, something Adam DeVine makes consistently amusing. Juliet hates work, flouts Alice with impunity, and is even more prone to talk about female anatomy than they are.

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Another hallmark of the show is its absolute certainty that anything the three le do is inherently hilarious, so if you wanted to watch five solid minutes of Blake Anderson and Anders Holm riffing on crudely elaborate terms and gestures for manually pleasuring a woman, then this is the episode for you. Eh—in the world of WorkaholicsGod looks out of fools and, well, fools. The A. By Dennis Perkins. Adam DeVine Comedy Central.

Whitney Cummings Comedy Central.

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Workaholics alice sister

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