Yugi and tea kiss

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By: vegitoth Read authors note. Plain and simple. So affectionate that they both agreed to slow down their growing desires because the time they spent together was completely goregous. Now-a-days both of them are happily married, living in a great house, leading a duel monster tournament committee which made good money for the both of them. But one night on a day home from work, Yugi came into his house and found that his wife wasn't in the living room like she would be every night when he got home, "Honey where are you?

A candle was burning bright in the hallway, a shiny light was glowing on material that looked like silk, and a gorgeous woman was walking down the hall with grace and poise in her every step. It was Tea Moto his wife, in a slim nightgown, make-up on her face, and lemon perfume sprayed all around her body. She was a real beauty to behold. Tea came near her husband, wrapped her arms around him affectionately and kissed him softly on the lips. Feeling how passionate she was probaly feeling on that night, Yugi wrapped his arms around her and returned the kiss passionately.

Soon after the kiss is over Tea seductively whispered "Do you know how long I've been waiting honey? Wasting no time himself, Yugi began to slip off his wife's nightgown revealing her body before him. Upon entering the room, he saw candles burning on the table. It created a gentle shade of light in the room, 'Whoah she must've taken her time lighting up the candles. But surely enough, Yugi turned himself around and found his lover leaning near the door seductively. While he looked at the beauty before him, he said "When I see you standing at that door, clothed or unclothed, my day is no longer ordinary being with you.

Once they were both done with each other, Yugi and tea kiss made the first move by gently pushing his ladylove down the bed and kissed her on the lips with tenderness. Shortly, Yugi felt that he was done playing with her, but he also wanted to take this night slow.

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With one hand he playfully traveled his fingers down her body and soon rubbed her special women's place slowly and gently, all the while she softly moaned in pleasure. With the actions his wife was doing, he could tell she didn't want him to stop and he found it okay, because he didn't wanna stop in the first place.

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With every moan and gasp, Tea enjoyed every move her husband was giving to her. But somehow it wasn't enough, so while getting her body in control, she his head and whispered "I want you inside sweetheart. Taking heed to his wifes request, Yugi positioned himself over his lover and entered her with one smooth thrust. But after just one second, they both cried out their pleasure as they came. As the two drifted to sleep Yugi whispered "Aishiteru, darling wife.

Yugi and tea kiss

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