Zootopia elephant yoga

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She is a yoga instructor at The Mystic Spring Oasis.

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Nangi is an elephant with dusty-gray skin and blue eyes. She has stubby tusks, as well as purple eyeshadow and mehndi tattoos on her stomach and trunk. She wears nothing aside from a gold beaded bracelet on her wrist. Nangi appears to be very dismissive, apathetic, and disagreeable, especially in her conversation with YaxJudy Hoppsand Nick Wilde.

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She speaks in a way which seems to suggest that she does not care about what is going on around her. Whether or not she could actually remember anything about Mr. Ottertonshe stated that she didn't, suggesting that she simply was disinterested in the conversation. Nangi is at the Mystic Springs Oasis teaching yoga when she is approached by Yaxas well as Judy Hopps and Nick Wildeasking for information regarding missing otter Emmitt Ottertonwho frequented the establishment and was instructed in yoga by Nangi.

Either by choice or by genuine forgetfulness, Nangi states that she has no recollection of Emmitt, nor any details regarding his most recent visit to the Oasis, allowing Yax to unwittingly reveal all of the information Judy and Nick need.

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With the information obtained and the duo able to follow the lead - including the plate of the car Emmitt was last seen getting into - Judy and Nick leave Nangi and Yax to their business. Yax is the owner of the Mystic Springs Oasisa naturalist establishment frequented by animals who want to get closer to nature, specifically by refusing to wear clothing. Nangi teaches yoga at the oasis, so it can be assumed that Nangi and Yax either know each other well or have a passing acquaintance. Yax appears to respect Nangi greatly, believing her to have an excellent memory due to her being an elephant.

His memory, however, proved to be better and more helpful than hers.

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Whether or not their friendship is mutual is unknown. Emmitt Otterton was instructed in yoga by Nangi regularly before he disappeared. Nangi states that she has no recollection of him, so it can be assumed that any relationship between them is minimalistic. Zootopia Wiki Explore. Persi Idris Elba. Big Fru Fru Mr. Manchas Kevin Raymond Koslov. Yax Nangi Emmitt Otterton.

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Zootopia elephant yoga

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